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Journey of the Magus: Meditating into Peace and Acquiring Occult Powers is a manual that teaches the craft of meditation in order to obtain peace of mind and develop magical powers. Meditation practice is very important in the practice of magick. There are those who think so low about it but those who do are usually (if not always) the ones who have not reached a decent magical level. Whether you are an intermediate or a beginner, know this: If you are truly serious about learning magick and being able to do it well, then you ought to meditate regularly. 

With this manual, not only will you learn how to do meditation in a magical way, but you will also learn about my own personal journey with meditation, so that you will be clearly guided as to how to do it correctly, as well as how you can safely incorporate this magical practice into your own Craft. 

Journey of the Magus: Meditating into Peace and Acquiring Occult Powers might just be the key that you need to open up the doors of miracles and divine magick. Even great masters of the Craft, such as Aleister Crowley, Franz Bardon, and Abramelin the Mage, among many others, also engaged in meditation. Indeed, meditation practice is very important for one's spiritual growth and magical development. 

In the Christian scriptures, God says to Moses, "Be still and know that I am God." When we meditate, we learn to be still, and in this stillness and peace, we shall learn about the Divine, and also about ourselves. In this peace and quiet, we shall discover our own power and experience the beauty and force of magick. 

If you think that you are ready to learn how to meditate properly and powerfully, then come and join me on this magical journey. As I reveal to you my practice, you shall also learn about the secrets of magick, and you can do as I do so that you may also experience the power of the magical arts in your own life. This is not just my story, but it is the story of every magus, every witch, and sorcerer — for this is the path of true initiation into the mysteries of the occult, the holy grail of pure magick. Remember to always tread this path with love and kindness in your heart. You are never alone, and magick is overflowing everywhere. With light and love, blessed be!
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