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Addressing personal and planetary issues, Find Your Power describes how to strengthen your ability to bring about positive change. Drawing on insights from addictions recovery, positive psychology, storytelling and holistic science, it includes proven strategies for improving mood, building strengths and increasing effectiveness. The book addresses the following key themes: Motivational enhancement tools that will help you become clearer about your direction and more inspired to move that way; Tools for getting through blocks by looking at creative problem solving strategies, ways of dealing with fear and methods for transforming crisis or failure into turning points; and How to keep yourself going in the marathon of longer term change by strengthening support around you, tapping into purposes bigger than yourself and making what you do more enjoyable. The tools described can be used for any kind of change, from tackling depression and improving your life through to addressing world issues like peak oil and climate change. Chris Johnstone is uniquely positioned as a medical doctor whose annual Happiness Training Lectures in the UK are sponsored by the NHS. He is also a key figure in the Transition movement. Find Your Power is not only a highly effective self-help book, but also a call to adventure for everyone wishing to effectively participate in creating a healthier, more sustainable world.
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